Monday, September 3, 2007


Ok, well the spell checker says I spelled that right, so let's get on with it.

Some may say we're a spontaneous bunch around here. I'd have to agree and I'm glad of it!

Sunday a.m. when I woke up I didn't know where we were going to be going for worship services. CKB didn't have an appointment and we hadn't decided the day prior. In the course of getting ready to go, we decided to go up near Whitesboro to the Dixie Primitive Baptist Church.

Anyway, we had a nice drive out there and enjoyed the country sights. CKB was blessed to preach on Remembrance (and probably some other things I missed while trying to keep 4 children under the age of 6 still AND quiet on our pew).

As a sidenote, there are times when CKB will have the same "subject" on his mind for many weeks in a row. We may or may not be at the same church houses many weeks in a row (usually aren't these days), but the "subject" will remain on his heart. There have been times he's commented that his wife might be getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, but as all of you with small children WELL know, we mothers don't hear everything every Sunday a.m. due to our efforts to educate the children on how to behave during services and trying to keep them from distracting others. I've often replied to my dear husband that I don't mind at all when he preaches on a similar "subject" for a few Sundays in a row because sometimes it's not until the 3rd or 4th time that I feel like I'm really HEARING what he's preaching. Now, maybe it's just me; those of you with less "distractions" (ie, children) that hear every word, God bless you, but I, for one am thankful for hearing the same things over and over and over sometimes for without the multiple "hearings" I surely would miss a lot! I'm sure that all could have been said more eloquently, but hopefully y'all get the point :)

Again, I digress.
Where was I......ah yes,, after services we headed off. On our way to the church house that morning we'd decided we wanted to head up into OK (that's Oklahoma, just in case you were wondering) for the afternoon, so off we went. We found a Sonic along the way, got our standard fare of corn dogs, grilled cheese and slushes for the children, a couple of hamburgers for CKB and I and off we went. It was such a wonderful feeling to just GO - nowhere in particular that we had to be, nowhere in particular that we wanted to be, except just to all be together. CKB was in charge of the map and I was driving. We headed north, naturally, and soon realized we need to just get an OK map since we live so close to OK now and our TX map just isn't detailed enough for the part of OK it shows. Still, we were able to navigate quite well as CKB is an excellent map reader...unlike myself :) We all have our faults and failures, eh? :)

So, we decided on a course and off we went, north on 377 up through Madill, OK, then on farther north on 177 up to Sulphur, OK. At Sulphur, we headed west on 7 to meet up with I35 and start our trip back home and boy, are we glad we did. Going along on 7 we happened to pass through just a small part of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and it was beautiful! We immediately agreed we would have to make another trip up that way just to go there and spend a day exploring. Upon reaching I35, we headed South, back into Texas. Before reaching TX though, we passed by the exit to Turner Falls in the Arbuckle Mountains which is beautiful as well. We stopped off at the welcome center on the TEXAS side of the OK/TX border for a quick break and as an unexpected blessing ran into some folks from the New Boston Primitive Baptist Church that we had seen recently at the meeting we attended at the Paris Primitive Baptist Church. You just never know who you'll see and where!

I don't have words to describe this day except to simply say it was a wonderful day. Peaceful and relaxing; full of the beauty of God's creation; simply wonderful.

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