Friday, September 7, 2007

Week one of school is complete

Well, we started off the school year with a light week and will add more next week. This week we focused on our new curriculum Tapestry of Grace and began our studies with a look at creation through the flood. We talked about the 6 days of creation, then moved on to look at the genealogy leading up to Noah and yes, we created a genealogical chart (CKB even commented on it when he saw it on the wall and said I must've been utilizing my Dad's genealogy chart training ;) ). The girls especially enjoyed our studies this week - Mr. E did well also. Mr. Baby didn't understand what all the fuss was about and just wanted everyone to go play in the den with him instead of sitting in his highchair for short periods each day. Today we wrapped up the week by making a 'creation book' to help the children remember their week and will work on a model of the ark later today w/CKB's help. We've greatly enjoyed our first week of school.

Next week.....we rejoin our old friends, Handwriting without Tears and Math U See.

All of our reading this week was from our Bible, naturally :) We did have one "supplement" on hand, while it did have some merit and was much closer to the truth than most accounts I've read, I don't know that we'll use it again and instead will just stick with the Biblical account and let our imagination paint the pictures. The illustrations are beautiful, but as is to be expected, there is error and speculation throughout. Here is the cover in case you're interested, but read with a grain of salt if you do look into it.

We especially enjoyed the informational illustrations relating the size of the ark to train cars :) That was something Mr. E could really wrap his head around. We will be going out to mark off the size of the ark possibly this weekend. Should be fun and, of course, educational!

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