Sunday, January 6, 2008

If you've got bananas (that are very ripe), you make...

Banana cake, of course...and banana pudding....and if you have time, banana bread....and...well, I didn't have time for that last one so the last few bananas went by the wayside, but this past week we "mislaid" some bananas and then, ahem, found them in a very spotty and ripe state - so much for quiet time for me this past Thursday - it was BAKING TIME! and COOKING TIME and....still quiet time :) Just, I was cooking and baking instead of crocheting, reading, cleaning, washing dishes, doing get the picture. So, voila! We had banana pudding for dessert Thursday and banana cake for dessert Friday, Saturday and tonight we finished it off. And what did we have with it? Homemade vanilla bean ice cream, yum yum. We bought some vanilla beans not too long ago and have been wanting to make vanilla bean and the time had come to do so! I must say it was good, but not as good as Bluebell. Oh well, you can't win on them all!

Here's our cake - sorry, no pics of the pudding, it was devoured in one sitting, nor the ice cream, just plain 'ol forgot to take a pic - too busy eating it ;)

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