Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, January is almost over....

and there's much to tell, like, where on earth have we been lately!

But, that'll have to wait 'til later. For now, let's just say we've been busy traveling :)

Today is the last day for Miss A to wear the splint! Tomorrow she can be free of it and we'll see how she does. Lord willing, all is healed and she will go about her business w/o favoring the arm that was broken.

Tomorrow is Miss E's birthday! My how time does fly. I can hardly believe my first little one is about to be a big 7 year old! Sigh. More on that tomorrow (if I can find the time!)

Just a recap for those new to the blog - the children are referred to on the blog in order of age as:

Miss E
Miss A
Mr. E
Mr. Baby (although he's becoming quite the little man and soon we won't be able to get away w/that any more!)

Please don't refer to them by their names on comments b/c I'll have to delete the comment :)

Thanks for your understanding!

Ok, so today is a very blustery day and we're so thankful to have a nice warm house to stay inside! We had a nice fire last night and CKB and I watched the "Bourne Ultimatum" - very good! If you haven't seen this series of 3 movies, we highly recommend you do so!

That's it for now, too much to do around here!!!


Amanda Deardorff said...

Happy Birthday Miss E!!! 7 years old - what a little lady!

Matthew said...

The Bourne series is definitely a very good one - I concur!