Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Update on Miss A and her fracture

Well, Monday we went to the orthopedic doctor and found out that Miss A needed a cast. After she won another round of Uno (cheered on by her Dr.), we went to casting down the hall where she picked her color and casting commenced. I have to admit that it was an interesting experience - I've never had a cast so I didn't know what to expect...plaster perhaps...but no, first there was a mesh type "sock" that covered her arm, then some super soft gauze cottony stuff was rolled onto her arm all the way up. Next came the super bright pink "cast" material which came on a roll - go figure - the man doing the casting got the pink roll wet and commenced wrapping up her arm. After one roll that encased the entire area of her arm that was being cast (a "long arm" cast) - he asked "Is she pretty spirited?" I chuckled and replied, yes, not to mention that she has a 20 mo. old little brother at home who is constantly trying to bang his toy hammer on anything and anyONE in his way" :) He replied "I'll make it a little stronger then" :) So, roll #2 came out and her arm was wrapped again. Arm placed back in the sling and off we went - it hardened up pretty quickly and I don't think Mr. Baby can hurt it...I don't think...

Even though her favorite color has been purple for a long time, she chose HOT PINK :)

Here she is - ta-da!

Ah yes, notice her shirt? :) The man doing the casting (no idea what his technical title would be) was a longhorn - ha ha ha - oh well :) Gig 'em Aggies!

After we got home and had dinner, I was honored to be the first one to sign her cast.

She requested Daddy be second

Then her big sister, Miss E

and brother, Mr. E with a little help from Daddy since Mr. E tends to write his name VERY LARGE at times :)

and even baby brother got in the act

Here is the finished product after Mama and Daddy had signed - we'll not show the final result since it shows everyone's names.

So, now we wait. I printed up a January calendar and posted it on the wall beside Miss A's bed for her to mark off the days until the cast comes off - 3 weeks from the date she broke her arm. Sigh. So far it hasn't seemed to phase her a bit :) NOW, to just get through the next few weeks without it getting wet at all - sigh - that should be fun!


Lok said...

Yuck on the cast!!! Hate that. But I'm glad they're being safe on the whole thing.
Oh, and I'm not seeing the pictures. I *must* see the hot pink cast. We are soooo into pink around here! :-)

Lepidoptera said...

Miss A's fashion accessories just keep improving. Hot pink looks great on her! Nobody will miss that cast. We pray that it comes off quickly and that her arm will have healed completely by then. Here's to no more casts in future too!