Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. E!

As you may have already noticed, February is a busy month around here!

We start off with Miss E's birthday on the 1st, our anniversary on the 19th and then Mr. E's birthday on the 20th. If you throw Valentine's Day in there, well, it's a busy busy month!

Yesterday (uh, well, it was yesterday when I started this post, but I never got it finished - we celebrated this past Friday), we celebrated Mr. E's birthday - 5 years ago our first son was born - he took his time getting here that day, but it was a good thing since CKB was working 2.5 hrs. away and had to drive home after I gave him "the call" and headed to the hospital. Even so, CKB arrived 5 mn. after we did (my mom and the girls and I) because I hadn't gotten everything ready at that point and had to pack a bag, get the girls ready, give my mom directions to the hospital, sit in construction traffic, etc. just to get to the hospital that morning! Mr. E wasn't born 'til late that night so we had plenty of time, thankfully!

5 years old - it's hard to believe sometimes that he *is* 5 and that he's *only* 5 - he's a big boy, both in what he knows and can do and physically. He's the same height as Miss A currently and she's 2 years older than he is.

Mr. E requested muffins, bacon and eggs for breakfast, a fruit plate for lunch and a pepperoni "flip" pizza from Cici's for dinner. We were able to accomodate him except for the muffins - we had cinnamon rolls instead - he didn't complain :)

After dinner, we celebrated with cake and ice cream - per Mr. E's request I made him a blueberry cake and blueberry ice cream. His favorite past time these days is to play Super Mario so I decorated the cake in that theme (I am NOT an artist - be kind) - he liked it a lot and requested the "pipe" piece for his piece of cake :)

We played a game in the den - "Stomp the Goombas" which seemed like a great idea at the time, but I didn't count on the balloons being super industrial strength - none of the children could get them to pop! Any other time, they'd have popped w/o anyone hardly touching them, but not *these* balloons. We got them popped eventually w/the help of a small pocket knife and CKB's assistance.

"Goombas" and "Boos" ready to be STOMPED! That one on the top right looks worried!

Presents followed and Mr. E was excited with his new goodies. He just forgot how to smile for these pictures :)

Here he is w/Grandma - Grandpa is in the background holding Miss Baby

Everyone was interested in how this new game worked - Jedi Math - Leapster is a great tool for having fun and learning/reinforcing what's already been learned at the same time!

Happy Birthday Mr. E - our big, sweet boy!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!! The cake looks great! Oh, and my boys happened to be looking over my shoulder while reading your blog and now they *HAVE* to have the star wars leapster game! As we don't have enough leapster games already! LOL!!!

Courtney said...

Looks like a great time! I'm loving the idea of family time for birthdays. Lots less chaos for me and special times to remember. I notice you used more than five photos. Care to share how you do that?

Heather and James said...

I know this is rather late but I LOVE the birthday theme!! I always loved...and actually still love, Mario!!! I think the cake is adorable with the pipe and the game sounds fun too! I hope I can have some creative ideas for J when he has birthdays!!