Monday, February 16, 2009

It's in the bag!

Awhile back, I entered a blog giveaway and was excited to find out I won! A few days ago I received my handmade item from Jessica over at Jessica's Quilting Corner.

Isn't it great? Perfect for carrying Miss Baby's necessities! Thank you so much Jessica, not only for the fact that I won the giveaway, but for your thoughtfulness in making something that's perfect for my life right now! I've already gotten some wonderful comments from friends and family this past weekend about the bag - everyone's amazed that someone MADE it for me! You do great work! Thank you!!!

The bag is lined with the striped fabric and has 3 pockets on the outside of each side. It goes great with baby girl's pink patterned carseat and pink everything else!


Jessica said...

I'm ssssooo glad you like it! When you said you had been partial to pink/brown since finding out Miss Baby was a girl I just knew what I had to make you :) (I made the straps extra long so you could sling it over your shoulder and keep your hands free for the rest of the children).
Congrats again on Miss Baby and winning my giveaway! ~Jessica

CAB said...

Absolutely - it was slung over my shoulder most of the weekend :) The pockets are perfect for the obligatory travel hand sanitizer bottle this time of year, notepad, etc. etc. It's working out great!

Other Mother said...

Those are exactly the same fabrics we used for granddaughter CN's bedding! It's pictured on her momma's blog:
I have plenty of scraps, so I should probably whip up something like that, too! Thanks for the idea.

Lepidoptera said...

The bag is beautiful and how fun that you won it and it is handmade. Fun!