Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lollipop Lollipop Oh Homemade Lollipops, Lollipops!

Inspired once again byMarie over at Make and Takes, we attempted to make our own lollipops a few weeks ago. Visit her blog for the ingredients and instructions if you're interested in trying this out for yourself - it really is easy!

Today, CKB is attending the ordination to the office of elder of a good friend and we are on our own at home (w/my parents here, of course, but w/o CKB for a whole Saturday). He will return home late tonight, Lord willing, and then head off again tomorrow morning for an appointment at a church about 3 hrs. away. Miss Baby isn't quite ready for that trip - it entails all of us getting up at 6 a.m. and out the door by 7 a.m. - driving 3 hrs. - being there a couple of hours, then driving back 3 hrs. It makes for a long day for us "big folks" and no doubt would be pretty rough at this stage in the game what w/Miss Baby eating every couple of hours and so forth. We'll see next month if we're ready for the trip.

So, today is Saturday - no school for the older children = a little more "free time" for me and a chance to share our lollipop experience with y'all.

So, after reading about making our own lollipops, we decided it would be a fun project for the children - granted, I had to do most of the work due to the extremely hot nature of the lollipop liquid, but they got to reap the benefits afterward :)

So, here we go - in pictures:

Getting the lollipop mixture up to the right temp...almost there!

Preparing the mold - by the way, best to make sure you have cooking spray that is NOT butter flavored for this - oops!

Preparing for some "rustic" lollipops...hmm, my cookie sheet looks a little "rustic" - where's my Brillo pad???

Lollipops underway...yes, I'm a messy pourer - give me a break, it's my first attempt at this!

And the rustic pops....and yes, I goofed and poured lollipop liquid on BOTH ends of one of the sticks...maybe I did it on purpose...just maybe it's a special Valentine lollipop...hmmmm? Maybe.

Taste testers preparing to try the pops....

And the verdict is in...Success!

Things I learned from our first lollipop making experience.

1. One mold is NOT nearly enough. I tried reheating the mixture after these first 6 pops had set and the lollipop mixture was not a pretty sight (or smell) after the reheat - oh well.

1a. In the first picture you may notice a larger pot in the background - a small saucepan worked a lot better - with the large saucepan my candy thermometer wouldn't measure the temp. since the amount of liquid wasn't very high in that big pot.

2. Make sure to have NON-butter flavored cooking spray on hand.

3. Don't use wax paper under the rustic pops - some of them seemed to become "one with the wax paper" and had a waxy film on them when I peeled them off. I messaged Marie about this and she said she now uses foil - I will try that next time and/or parchment paper.

4. Putting a plastic sleeve and pretty ribbon on makes them look really nice and ready for sharing with friends! A few of the lollipops wanted to "stick" to the plastic sleeves - we solved this by dipping them in sugar first and then inserting them into the sleeves. What's a little more sugar anyway?

5. This was fun and I definitely would like to try it again...sometime...when I have some spare time...maybe next Christmas...after I get more molds...maybe...

Hope you enjoyed reading about our lollipop making experience! Now, back to Miss Baby and getting some things done around here on our Saturday at home.


Other Mother said...

What fun. And once again -- you are an amazing mom!

CAB said...

I don't know about that, but thanks :) It was fun - I just wish we had more time to do these sorts of things, but try to do them when we can.

Matthew said...

wow - you could probably sell these! Great job sis!!!

Lepidoptera said...

That looks like fun, and the end result was obviously worth the effort. Carry on!

The Tile Lady said...

What a wonderful and fun project! I will have to do this with my grandson some time! The kids look like they are really enjoying the lollipops!