Friday, May 15, 2009

Mr. A is 3 years old today!

Today Mr. A is 3 years old - time flies when you're having fun!

Mr. A is ALL boy, 100% - he likes to play with any and all action figures - his favorites right now are Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Spiderman. To the dismay of his siblings, he also likes to engage in swordplay - wooden swordplay, mind you, which does, in fact, hurt a lot when the sword misses its intended mark (the wooden shield wielded bravely by his brother or one of his sisters). If the sword is missing for the moment, never fear, Mr. A will improvise and grab the nearest lightsaber, pop gun, robot claw (or grabber, as they call it sometimes) and if those aren't available, a Hot Wheels track or section of train track will do - do you see a theme here? The boy is all boy!

While he is most definitely all boy, he is still sweet as sugar and gives the sweetest little kisses, but don't blink, because he won't stay put for long - he's always on the move.

Happy Birthday Mr. A - we love you!!!

Birthday photos to come after we celebrate tonight with CKB.


Lepidoptera said...

Happy birthday, Mr. A! We love you!!!

W. Latane Barton said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. A. Too soon the sword play will have to be turned into book learning so you have fun but be sure and don't hurt your siblings!! They might get you back.

Heather and James said...

Happy Birthday Mr. A!