Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miss E's first "public" recital

You may recall we missed going to Miss E's first recital in the Fall due to ice on the roads and so forth (and instead had our own recital at home). If you'd like to hear it again, click here to go to that post from last Fall.

Well, thankfully we didn't have to worry about that for the Spring recital!

Here's Miss E at home ready to go to her first performance!

And, here she is performing in her first recital. Miss E played 3 pieces:

1. "a little piece I made up" (as quoted from Miss E)
2. "Rain Dance"
3. Sonatina for a Dinosaur (3 movements - everyone clapped between movements - not realizing the piece was fairly long and in 3 parts - Miss E told us later she tried to hurry turning her sheet music so everyone wouldn't clap :) )

I HOPE to share the recording from the recital very soon.

And, here, with her teacher, Mrs. C.

Over the summer, Miss E will have lessons with Mrs. C's daughter for June and July, then back to lessons with Mrs. C for the Fall and Spring. And, Miss A will be starting lessons this Fall - she is very excited!


Lepidoptera said...

We are excited for Miss A too and glad to see Miss E and her teacher. The recital is an accomplisment. All of her practice and hard work is paying off.

W. Latane Barton said...

She is a beautiful little pianist. I know she had to be excited and nervous all in one lump. My applause, Miss A.

Heather and James said...