Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Private Piano Recital = Less Stress and More Cookies for Us!

Last night, we made preparations for our own private piano recital for Miss E after deciding we'd better stay in due to the weather reports for icy roads (that doesn't mix well w/pregnant mama, 4 small children, fog and a minivan on overpasses).

CKB arrived home from work and after I asked him if he could think what crazy idea I was thinking of, he said he knew exactly what I was thinking and he was right. He set up my photography backdrop and stand so Miss E would have a nice backdrop for her recital (and for pictures) and then he moved the digital piano into the den (and it's not exactly light, not as heavy as an actual upright, mind you, but still, not light at all!) along w/the piano bench.

We all dressed as we had planned to for going to the actual recital and assembled in the den. Since we were at home, it was a little easier to set up the tripod for the video camera, have my digital camera in hand AND the mp3 player to record the performance as well. After making sure everything was ready to go, the recital began and Miss E did a wonderful job. She has been taking lessons for a few months now and is really enjoying it. She's never once complained about practicing and usually remembers to go practice each day before I remember to remind her! I think she might've been a little nervous even just playing for the family, but she did a good job and surprised me by singing along with her pieces. I don't know if she would've done that at the recital in front of all the "strangers" (other students), but it was a sweet treat for us to hear. She also added her own little ending to each piece (which had been approved by her piano teacher who said she "enjoyed Miss E's creativity").

As of right now, I can't share the video yet, but here're pictures from last night along w/the mp3 recording of her performance.

After the performance, we took some family pictures after CKB graciously moved the piano out of the way (hey, the backdrop was up, we were dressed up, it would've been criminal to let that opportunity pass!) and then we had a reception just like we would have if we'd gone to the actual recital. Hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (Christmas colored chips, mind you!) were on the menu complete with Christmas marshmallows - yum yum - and hey, more cookies for us!



Anonymous said...

Excellent, Miss E! I enjoyed your playing (and singing) so much! Looking forward to more pictures of you all (and your hair, too, is beautiful, Miss E.)

Miz H. in KY.

Pam said...

Wonderful job!!! Especially for only taking lessons a few months. Fantastic Miss E! We enjoyed it very much. And the singing was lovely. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! What a wonderful evening with the family.