Monday, December 15, 2008

Lights, camera, action?

Well, tomorrow night is Miss E's very first, bona fide, piano recital! How exciting! This is our first "big event" with one of the children - now, to do my part as Mama of the batteries charged...memory card IN the camera battery charged...tape in the video camera blank and ready to go...tripod...hmm...plan on how to juggle all of these things along w/managing a 2 year old and 2 other siblings...uh...still working on that one ;)

Hoping to get there early and get good seats - Miss E wants us on the front row :) She keeps telling me she's nervous. I hope she'll get over it quickly once it comes down to it. As of right now, we don't know when she'll play - I'm hoping they go youngest to oldest or something like that and she'll be able to play early on. Also, hoping for good behavior from Mr. A since the recital starts at 7 and we're usually beginning bedtime preparations about then...hmm, bring quiet snack and sippy cup!

Y'all pray for her to not be too nervous! I hope to bring tidings of a happy event day after tomorrow!


W. Latane Barton said...

My best to the little star. She will do fine. I can't wait to see the pictures.

The Tile Lady said...

Oh, how did it go!? Wonderful, I am sure! How very exciting! Can't wait to see and hear all about it!