Monday, December 15, 2008

How long does it take to get a rental property mgr. to send out repair guys?

Well, apparently nigh on 2 months around these here parts.

I submitted our original request for maintenance on October 30...yes, OCTOBER 30.

Some folks showed up to look over the a/c unit WITHOUT CALLING AHEAD one morning and determined some part was needed, but they'd have to get approval before actually doing any repairs and would have to order the part if approved.

We are still waiting.

And waiting.

The last communication I received from the rental property manager said I should be receiving a phone call from the a/c company to arrange a time to come out...that was a few weeks calls. I forwarded our home phone to my cell phone while we were out of calls. Today, ironically, it's about 28 degrees outside and this is on my mind...I mean, hey, spring will be here soon and it still might not be fixed at this rate. Ugh. Renting is such fun.
My favorite part of the last email I got was the end which said "How am I doing? Email my manager at...." Guess who I copied on my email today? Sigh.

Still least the heat works!

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The Tile Lady said...

Our daughter went through an entire winter with no heat when she was renting a place a couple of years ago....they finally fixed it before the next winter, but she and our grandson had really suffered through, trying to make do with space heaters and even turning on the oven and opening the oven door first thing every morning. It was annoying, caused illness and was even dangerous. We could have pressed the issue by calling the TV station but we hung in there! By the next winter the new heater would run you out of there, and was so noisy it drowned out the TV! Ah, rentals!