Thursday, December 18, 2008

Foggy foggy nights and days

This past week has been so crazy weatherwise. It all began last Saturday with WINDY weather - gusts around 40 - felt like we were back down in Corpus again! Sunday we had more wind, but not quite as strong and then the cold moved in and iced over the streets for a day or so and our front walk for about 3 days - needless to say, I stayed in for fear of slipping and falling in my off balance very pregnant state! Last night we ventured the fog...with CKB at the wheel. We had planned to get a Christmas tree after a quick trip into Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things, but there weren't many trees to be found at Wal-mart, Lowe's or Home Depot and by the time we discovered this, it was nearing 9 p.m. and the children REALLY needed to be home in bed. We discussed going to a tree lot that was about a 1/2 hr. or so drive south of home (we were about 20 mn. north at the time), but decided not to and that maybe we would tonight (Thursday). Instead, when we got home, CKB dragged in the artificial tree and set it up and lo and behold, it fit in the corner of the den we'd recently cleared of boxes (yes, I said boxes, we'll never be 100% unpacked I don't think!).

Anyway, the tree is up! Now, tonight, hopefully we'll get the ornaments on and feel like we're ready for Christmas after all.

When Mr. A walked into the den this morning and saw the tree (I'd turned the lights on as I headed to his room to get him out of the crib), he exclaimed "WHOA!" and it was about the cutest thing you've ever heard :) Later, I overheard him lecturing Miss A that she was not to touch the "red button" (a footswitch for turning the lights on and off) that went something like this "Never, ever, ever, EVER touch the red button Miss A, never EVER or it'll shock you!" :) I chuckled at this, I had told him earlier not to touch the button or the cord or I'd give him a big spank - apparently he considered that being "shocked" - ha ha ha. Guess who's had to have 2 spanks so far today? Uh huh., we went out to try and finish up a few things shopping wise. Did you know it takes FOREVER when it's foggy, everyone else in the world is at the stores and 2 of the 3 stores you visited are apparently having a restocking day and have boxes lining BOTH sides of EVERY aisle you try to go down with the cart and 3 children walking alongside you? Ugh! Not to mention I have the never failing ability to ALWAYS choose the checkout line with someone ahead of me who will need a price check - I kid you not - if you ever go shopping with me, PICK YOU OWN LINE, it never fails.

About 4 p.m. we came out of Wal-mart - yes, I'm insane, but I needed a couple of things that I'd seen there before, so we went in - and the fog is THICK - and it's getting dark and I decided to make a beeline for home before it got truly dark and I had to navigate through the pea soup. We made it home safe and sound and do not plan to go out again tonight.

This has been the strangest weather week we've had in a long time! I'm hoping for clear weather in the morning as I have an exciting errand to run and want to make sure I'm out early to meet a friend. More on that later!

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Amanda Deardorff said...

thanks so much! I'll be sure to make a post about the spa. I am so looking forward to it! Your post about Mr. A is so cute. He's too funny.