Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Conversations at Breakfast and later on

Talking about milk at the breakfast table....

Miss E - are some people allergic to milk?
Me - Yes.
Mr. E - that's because some of the cows are stinky.

Ha ha ha ha!!!!

After lunch at church and the children becoming reacquainted with a little 2 year old girl named Tristan.....

In the car:

Mr. E - after my baby sister is born, can we show her to the people at the church?
Me - of course
Mr. E - but Twisty might hurt her
Me - Who/what?
Mr. E - Twisty
Me - Twisty?
Mr. E - yes, Twisty
Me - who is Twisty? (racking my brain for who on earth he could be talking about as there is only one child regularly at the church he mentioned and his name isn't Twisty
Mr. E - you know, the little girl that was there today, her name was Twisty
Me - OHHHHHH, Tristan!
Mr. E - oh, I didn't KNOW her name had an "N" at the end
Me - Yes, her name is Tristan :)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha :) I don't think he really thought Tristan would hurt her, only that she was so little herself and might get too close/not know how to be around a baby/something to that effect. Too funny - Twisty!

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