Monday, May 18, 2009

Seeing Red...or "Pink"

Well, a few days ago we noticed Mr. A's right eye was a little red. Over the course of the weekend it became redder...and redder and he was waking up with "crusty eyes" along with the redness.

Having never experienced "pink eye" I wasn't sure if this was what we were facing or if he was having an allergic reaction to something he'd come in contact with and rubbed his eye afterward.

Last night we noticed his left eye was starting to become red. Oh joy. This morning it wasn't any better and the left eye was redder and crusty. Fun! I called and was able to get an appt. to take him to the dr. this morning.

Prognosis - pink eye (or eyes :) )

Apparently this is highly contagious by touch - fun - and Miss Baby has signs of it in her right eye as well - ack - so they're both on drops for 5 days to clear things up and strict orders are in place for LOTS OF GOOD HAND WASHING and NO TOUCHING YOUR FACE OR EYES!!!! We'll see if anyone else succumbs to this lovely mess - I sure hope not!

Here's Mr. A with his "scarey eyes" as the receptionist called them when we came in today.

(some images may be disturbing - not for the faint of heart - be forewarned!)

Mr. A - "Mama, what is wrong with my eye(s)???"

Mr. A - "Whaaaaaaat???"

Mr. A - "Whew, those eye drops were a piece of cake. AND, they're going to help my eyes get better - AND I got a lollipop at the Dr. office - what a great day!" ;)


Anne said...

I just had my first case of pink eye last week. Thankfully mine did not get that bad, but mom had it too and she was miserable! So far no one else in our household has gotten it so we are thankful for that. Hope Mr. A feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor Mr. A! Hope no one else gets it.


Jessica said...

My, he sure is getting all grown up! Sorry about the pink eye. We all passed it around several times a few years back. My husband even took it to work with him. Its no fun, that's for sure! Good Luck keeping everyone else's eyes healthy!