Thursday, September 24, 2009

4 Days!

What happens or can happen in 4 days?

Well, lots of things I'm sure....4 days could be a short work week - and that's a good thing!

Hmm, 4 days old - a newborn baby...a good thing

4 days.....the time it would take to drive up to where my sister lives and back again w/no time to stay in between - not a good thing since we rarely get to visit....

But what, you ask, are these 4 days in reference to?????

Sigh. Ok, well since you asked.....

4 days - the number of days the carpet stayed clean....then this happened at lunch....argh!

And yes, that's ketchup....not blood, I kindly asked the perpetrator of this heinous crime to leave the room before any blood was shed :) I kept my cool, sent another kind little helper to bring me the bottle of spot remover the SS guys had left and commenced carpet cleaning 101 - the good news is that it came out - whew!

So, in case you're thinking of having your carpets cleaned and there are wee ones around, remember, you will get to enjoy it for 4 wondrous days and then....who knows what might befall your carpet!


ReBecca said...

LOL after reading your post!

Courtney said...

yikes agian!