Friday, September 11, 2009

Guess who lost ANOTHER tooth?

Miss E! She is looking so big these days!

This is the 2nd recently and she even pulled the one before this one all by herself!

Here she is showing off the gap right in front!

Here she is on the phone sharing the news with Grandma and Grandpa! I love her expression as she's giggling!


Courtney said...

Cecily will be so excited to hear. She is going through much of the same...

Matt said...

EXCELLENT! This is very exciting news - thanks for sharing!

Love y'all!
Uncle M

Lok said...

Yay teeth! :-)

I'm just now catching up on blogs, and your schoolroom looks great! Makes me feel a bit guilty for the state mine is in. Oh well, huh??!

So proud of y'all!