Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saved by Grace Oval Sticker - Bumper Sticker - for Car or whatever

On a whim a while back...not sure when it all started, I decided I wanted to open my own cafepress shop. Why on earth I wanted to do this, I do not know, but I did. And then, I opened 3 others because the ideas floating around in my head didn't all fit into one neat shop description.

One of the items I created was this sticker: (shown below)

The cafepress shop sat...quietly...and was all but forgotten to me until the past week when this item for some odd reason has become popular and been purchased by a few folks (ok, my definition of popular is pretty low, a few, but anyway...it's a lot more popular than zero!).

I'm curious how it happened - did a few folks just happen to stumble across my shop (if you can call it a shop when it only has a couple of items in it) all at the same time or did one person stumble upon it and then share their find with friends/family/the world via blogging/etc.?

I wish I knew, but it's fun seeing something you created being purchased by others. Who knows, the 3 that sold may be the only ones that ever do...but then you never know.

Anyway...just thought I'd share.  :)


Lok said...

That's cool!

Matt said...

very nice - I will have to get one or more of those!

Can you share the links to your other "shops"


ReBecca said...

Hey this is so cool! I’ve not heard of the cafepress shop before. What else do you have up your sleeve! Congratulations!