Monday, February 1, 2010

Miss E is 9 today!

Today is Miss E's 9th birthday!

9 years ago today at 4:39 p.m. Miss E came into the world and has been such a blessing to us ever since.

This morning she asked for blueberry pancakes and eggs...what's your 2nd choice? Biscuits. Uhhh....still don't have eggs...hmm, IHOP has them....after quickly loading everyone up, we headed out and splurged a bit on breakfast today. Maybe I can get it together in time for the next bday! (excuse the poor pic quality - I took it w/my phone...)

We plan to have a little family celebration tonight and this coming Saturday Miss E has 8 friends coming over for a birthday tea party! Stay tuned for pics!

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Lepidoptera said...

Every time I see that girl she gets older! Happiest of birthdays, Miss E!