Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miss Baby is one year old!

This is the day that Miss Baby was born, a year ago!

You guessed it :)

Today was filled with fun preparations for a family birthday this evening. Cupcakes were made, then later they were frosted, and finally decorated.

Presents were wrapped.

Schoolwork was done in short bursts here, there, and yonder as the children had to constantly come to see what I was up to.

Piano practice was squeezed in before and after Miss Baby took her nap.

We zipped off to piano lessons after I frosted the cupcakes and decorated them after we returned.

Miss Baby feasted on KFC mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese tonight. She wasn't as interested in her cupcake and ice cream as we thought she might be, but she did taste it. I think she might've gotten too full at dinner! No worries, we still have cupcakes left over!

After opening some presents, she played a little while and then headed off to bed. It was a good day. Our wee one is a year old already. The time just flies by. It doesn't seem possible that she's one, yet she's getting so big and learning to do so many new things. She has 6 teeth now! She's crawling, pulling up and cruising and will no doubt be off and walking/running before we know it.

She loves the attention she gets from her brothers and sisters.

She's our sweet, wonderful Miss Baby and we love her very much!

Happy Birthday sweet one!

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