Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doors, doors, doors - concealing the school stuff and keeping wee ones out at the same time!

As I mentioned before, we will have a room dedicated to schooling (ie, a place for all the STUFF). We will no doubt still school all over the house as we tend to do now, but at least a lot of the stuff will be contained and have a place to go when the schoolwork is complete for the day.

On that note, I'm considering some options for that room....and yes, it'll have a door!

The room will be one of the bedrooms and will be off of the open area at the top of the stairs. No doubt I will be spending some of my time in the open area/playroom/gameroom/whatever we decide to call it when we settle in, with Miss Baby while the other children work on things that don't require my immediate supervision. One other thing I'm excited about is the ability to close the door so the older girls will have a quieter environment to work in when they're completing their work after the younger ones, ie, the boys, are done for the day and hoopin' and hollerin' (playing for those of y'all who don't know what's involved in "hoopin' and hollerin') all over the place.

Now, a few thoughts about this door - it'll come as a regular six panel door, like so:

I'm seriously considering changing this door for a few reasons.

1. Even my children aren't perfect (ha ha) and I suspect a bit too much chatting going on behind closed doors if I'm in the play area outside and that door is shut - which leads to schoolwork taking FOR-EV-ER to be completed.

2. I'd like to be able to peek in on them w/o distracting them from what they're currently working on.

3. I'd like to be able to peek out if I'm in the room helping someone w/something and I leave Mr. A and/or Miss Baby to play for a few moments (and yes, there will be a BIG, STRONG gate at the top of the steps and this won't be happening much, if at all, until Miss Baby is much bigger!

So....I've come up with two options so far.

1. A door like this with glass panels I can see through. I'd probably add a roll down shade on the inside in case we ever needed to actually use it as a bedroom with company or some such...or even curtains or something.


2. A door like this - I just learned it's called a "dutch door" and I remember these from days of watching Mr. Ed (they call it a "stable door" also) and maybe even Donna Reed had one of these on her house for the back door....hmm. They come with glass panes on top or solid, not sure which I'd ultimately choose, but the ability to keep the top open or closed is very exciting - the bottom would act as a built in baby gate - whoo hoo. I like it. They're also touted for increasing ventilation, say on your laundry room....oh CKB....can I have one there too???

Thoughts? Other suggestions? I have a few months to think about it, so bring 'em on!


Marsha said...

Last night, when I read your post to the list, I immediately thought of a dutch door! Imagine how excited I was to see that as your second option. I always thought it would be fun, and helpful, to have one of those. Sadly, I don't have a use for one. I look forward to seeing what you choose and how it works out!

Darla said...

I like the glass door option.


Sharon said...

I like the look of the glass door, but the dutch door doesn't have glass panels that will break when they get hit. Soooo, I'm thinking with young children the Dutch Door is kinda cool!

Courtney said...

I vote dutch. All that hoopin and hollerin will definatily come with plenty of "I didn't mean to-s" We had/have some of those glass style doors and I always worry about the panes breaking. Plus I love dutch doors!

Wendy S. said...

Originally I was going with the all glass door, but the Dutch door with the glass top is reallly unique and cool looking! And it does give you the option of having the door both "open and closed." That way baby stays out when necessary, and you can still hear/see everything inside when you are not in there. Congrats on your home!

Jessica said...

After just reading the first paragraph or two of your post I immediately thought "Oh, she's going to get a dutch door! I'm so jealous!"
I LOVE dutch doors!