Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend? What weekend?

This past weekend, if there was one, that is, I'm still not sure....the calendar says it was...hmm....anyway, this past weekend was short/not really a weekend/ and just about anything else you care to say when it feels like you didn't have one.

CKB had to work.

All day.

The children weren't up when he left.

They were in bed when he got home.

Errands still needed to be run.

I was tired.

Still am.

Sunday was our Madisonville weekend.

Did I mention that I'm tired?

A church family friend died Friday and the visitation was in Navasota Sunday afternoon.

Yes, that's another hour away.

We happily went, of course, but that did make for an even longer drive home Sunday afternoon.

It was AFTER bedtime for the children when we finally got home.

Miss Baby was NOT happy.

Yes, I'm still tired.

Weekend? Where did you go? Why weren't you there for us? We needed you and alas, it's Monday again somehow.

What did you do w/your weekend - something fun? exciting? Our weekend was ok, we just missed having CKB with us Saturday and are a tad tired from all the driving Sunday. How about yours?

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