Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been meaning to take new portraits of the children for...months..and still haven't gotten it done.

My goal for this week is to finally get it taken care of - for myself and my dear, sweet husband who needs pics for his desk at work so the people there will believe he has 5 beautiful children :) Also, for the grandparents so the children don't stay eternally young in their wallets - you know what I'm talking about. The pic on my mantle of Mr. A is from when he was 9 mos........oops. Now, Miss Baby is 11 mos. I think I need to update them, don't you?

Ok, now I have to follow through, right?

Off to get a handle on clothing for each one.....that's the fun, I mean, hard part!

And, a pic of all 5 of them together......oh boy!


Lepidoptera said...

When and if you do get those pictures taken, be sure to post some here so that we can see how your 5 beautiful children are growing too. You are a brave woman taking on this task yourself! I hope that the photo session is not too nerve-wracking and will be praying on your behalf!

Matt said...

Please don't forget about aunts and uncles! :-)

I agree with Lepidoptera - you are quite brave!