Monday, January 4, 2010

What do you do with old Christmas cards?

Now that Christmas is over, I'm faced with the annual dilemna of what to do with the Christmas cards....keep them? toss them? figure out something to do with them that's "crafty"?

I'd like a crafty idea....anyone have one to share? The picture cards are great to keep around for awhile and I can't imagine anything crafty with the moment....but the ones w/Christmas scenes and images of winter wonderlands and such - I'm thinking something can be done here.....anyone?

And for those of you who sent us a card and didn't get one from us - please don't be offended in the slightest - I just couldn't get it together this year! I was even holding out hope that I'd get a New Year's card out, but, well, that hasn't happened yet either...forgive me?


Lepidoptera said...

You could save the fronts and reuse them. I have heard of that being done with times were tough financially. Do a web search and see what crafty people have done with theirs. As for the picture cards, I usually cut of the people part and save them in a small photo albums. We have been doing that for years. It is fun to look back at our friends and family again and again.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I've seen other people cut off the cute designs from cards and use them to make new cards.

But I just throw them away. :) (At least the ones without pics. I put THOSE on my fridge!)