Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another long weekend

CKB had to work again today - Saturday. It was another long day. Makes you thankful for what you have had and helps you look forward to hopefully having it again soon. He thought he would be in from about 9-2, but it ended up being about 5 or so before he was done for the day.

We headed out for dinner and to spend a little time together before the day was completely over and took the children to "Planet Smoothie" - interesting place - the children all chose their own flavor combinations and seemed to really enjoy them. And yes, that was their dinner - a "crazy dinner" as they would call it. Miss Baby had other fare for her dinner - she's not quite ready for a "crazy dinner" at this point. :)

No pictures today....I was too busy just trying to keep up with Miss Baby and keeping her from tumbling down too often. She is sooo busy pulling up on everything and showing me what still needs to be baby proofed for her!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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