Monday, January 18, 2010

It pays to search for coupon codes!

It wasn't that long ago that I didn't know about coupon codes for online ordering.

After I discovered them, it made it VERY hard for me to justify ordering anything online WITHOUT finding one. I have to have some sort of discount or I just feel like I'm being taken advantage of!

If you haven't discovered the world of online ordering and coupon codes - it's time you did!

I placed an order today for some clothing - I wasn't happy with the total of over $100 so I started a search - I googled "company/catalog name coupon code" and came up with a bunch of links, then I started looking at them. I came across one for 15% off my order, then found one for 20% off. Yay!
Then, I looked at the checkout page and saw a little note next to the code box that said "enter another code if you have one" and thought hmm...maybe I can do better and began a search for a code to get rid of that nasty shipping charge of $16.99! And guess what, I found one! Well, sort of. I searched and searched and didn't find any that weren't already expired. Then, I searched my emails - yes, awhile back I'd signed up for email promotions from this particular catalog/online catalog and especially around and preceding the Christmas shopping rush, I'd received a ton of emails with codes for this percentage off or that percentage and free shipping, etc. I noticed that the free shipping codes didn't seem to have a rhyme or reason, ie, the most recent three were "52", "91", and "68" - on a whim, I decided to try "53" and guess what? It worked! So, my total is now well below the "over $100" I started off at (no worries CKB!) and I'm much happier about my purchase! Whew! It takes a little time - I usually don't spend too long doing this - time is money, you know - but it's worth taking 5-10 mn. to see if you can find a discount code before just plunging ahead and checking out with no discounts at all!!

:) Happy shopping!


Lepidoptera said...

That is great! Later you will have to tell me the name of this company and where to find these codes so that I can save some buckaroos too. ;-) WTG, you!

Heather said...

I finally found you via your big sis! I have never heard of these coupon codes. I am a big couponer, but did not know to google for online codes! Thanks:)