Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIP, UFO, whatever you call them, it's all about the yarn!

Remember this? Well, so do I....and I'm ashamed to say I haven't touched it since....I still want an afghan/lapghan made from the yarn, but at the moment I'd be thrilled if I could find someone who would make it for me instead of me plugging on for eternity and never finishing it!

Know anyone who's a fabulous crocheter and might help me out? I have tried searching ebay and craigslist in hopes of finding someone who lives in the "area" that I might contract to complete this project, but so far, no success.

So, for now, the yarn mountain lies in wait, in a big green...or is it blue...tote in my bedroom....taking up space, but not in a nice, warm, snuggly way like I'd hoped it would be by now.

Do you have any unfinished projects from last year (or, ahem, the year before) lying around...waiting?


Jessica said...

Hey there! One of my closest friends crochets for a living. Her etsy store is here:
She's in Washington State, but her prices are very reasonable and I'm the lucky recipient of several of her master pieces and can personally atest to the quality of her fabulous work!

Courtney said...

Hey! My mom is a great crocheter. She lives in Lubbock of course but it could all be worked out!