Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Afghan update 1

Ok, here's the first update on the afghan -

Chained 184 (methinks it's going to be a tad too big after lying it across the bed - oh well, better too big than too small)

This pic is about 3 rows of double crochet plus the starting chain row (which is a tad too tight, but oh well, I'm not about to start over - it should be fine in the end and I'll just put that row at the foot of the bed :) )

So, now that you know how imperfect it is, here is a picture!

I'm using Red Heart yarn in Bay Print.

Oh yes, and last night I timed myself to see how long one row was taking and it took about 40 mn. - ugh - of course, I was a little distracted and paused here and there, but still, next time I time myself, I'm hoping to get a whole row in 30 mn. - still, it's going to take awhile to get this done at those rates! New Year's completion.....maybe not.....


Lok said...

Beautiful!!! I'm not part of the chain gang, myself. I picked up knitting a few years back, finished a few projects, and never got around to teaching myself how to crochet. One of these days. Really! In all my free time! I will!

Rebecca said...

The beginnings of your afghan looks great. It almost makes me want to start crocheting too. ;-) Hope you finish it well before 2008 is over - maybe by winter's end?