Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh how the days fly by!

It's been almost a month since last I blogged....we've been busy! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving trip, which I hope to spend a little time writing about later. We've also been sick off and on since about a month ago - I knew it'd been going on for a long time, but it wasn't until I thought about 2nd Sunday coming up and remembered we were sick LAST 2nd Sunday when down in Madisonville. Whew. I am TIRED of being sick, but this too, Lord willing, shall pass. We were getting better around about the time we left for our trip last month, and then apparently after coming in contact w/so many different people along the way, we picked up some new germs and passed them around for the past few weeks. Currently CKB and I are still feeling a bit crummy, but the children are feeling their oats quite nicely :) and are more resilient than us "old folks" I guess.

We opted for a real Christmas tree this year - the house we're renting has low ceilings and our artificial tree would've been touching the ceiling for sure. I have to say, I'm enjoying the wonderful aroma wafting through the house - we may never go back! I'll post a pic once we get it decorated. As of now, it is in the stand, has one string of lights on it and that's all we had energy for last night.

That's all for now - we *are* anxiously awaiting news from TN though - today is the day, Lord willing, that we'll hear news of our new niece's birth! More to come when we hear the news!


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