Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinnertime Math

We're all sitting around the table tonight after dinner talking and CKB asks Miss A if she knows what half of 14 is. She says no. CKB proceeds to explain how to find the "half" of something - the conversation goes something like this:

CKB: "Miss A, if you have 1 cup of something and another cup of something, how many cups do you have?"

Miss A: "2 cups"

CKB: "Ok, if you only want half of them, what do you do?"

From the corner of the table where Mr. E is sitting finishing up his dessert we hear:

Mr. E - "Complain"


CKB and I laugh for a bit as Mr. E continues eating his dessert oblivious to how funny he has just been :)

Miss A got the answer right after she had a chance to give her own reply :)


1 comment:

Aunt Rebecca said...

Yeah, Abigail! As for Elijah, I do hope that his complaining will only lead to half helpings and not whole helpings in future. ;-)