Thursday, December 20, 2007

Boom Boom Aint It Great To Be Crazy

Ok, so we like to be crazy sometimes...not often, but sometimes :)

Every now and then we have what the children call a "crazy dinner" which usually consists of breakfast for dinner or SOMEtimes it's a bowl of whatever odds and ends we can find like popcorn, crackers, raisins, etc.

Well, yesterday we had a crazy lunch - this time it was what the children wanted to have - they asked for a bagel, a marshmallow on top, chocolate syrup (which became choc. syrup and strawberry syrup), yogurt covered raisins, chocolate chips, regular raisins...and I think that's wait, a mini nutter butter bite on top!....what did it look like, you ask? Glad you asked, here it 'tis...

Sing with me....boom boom, aint it great to be crazy....boom boom, aint it great to be nuts....silly and foolish the whole day through, boom boom, aint it great to be craaaaaaazy :)

1 comment:

LoonyMom said...

That looks so tasty! I love those odds and ends meals too (but why do they always end up involving chocolate? You'd think there'd not be any left over to add ...).

(From fellow TOGger, Rebecca)