Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am *so* out of it

As I was driving back from a quick trip to the post office whilst Mr. Baby was napping and the rest of the crew were having "quiet time" (and for those who might be concerned, NO they were not at home alone - CKB works at the house and he was on high alert for Mr. Baby sounds emitting from the monitor at any moment because Mr. Baby has some sort of insane baby radar that knows when I leave the house and that is the ONLY time he wakes up early early early from naps!).

But, I digress...I'm driving along listening to the radio for a change (not a Thomas video or the like) and there's some Christmas music on - a "do wop" sort of version of "Let It Snow" came on and I will admit I kind of liked it and wondered who the singer was...our Saturn van has a nifty feature on the radio where you push the "i" button for info. and if the station has the info. available (I'm sure CKB could explain this more technically) then you will see some info. about the song; like the band/singer name and the title of the song.

I saw this:


pushed button again to get more info.


Pushed the button a couple more times to see it again and thought, hmm, what was that name? Rico? Ok, Rico Chet, I'll have to remember that.

The song finishes up and the DJ comes on and jabbers a bit, I don't know what about and then I catch her say "That was Ricochet with their version of Let It Snow!"

Oh, DUHHHHH, I actually have heard of Ricochet, but w/it broken across two lines of text on the radio display, I thought it was some guy named Rico Chet.

I had a good laugh at myself and decided I'm officially "out of it" as far as radio music goes - I never listen to the radio any more - if it's not a CD or a DVD playing in back for the children, I don't hear it. Ah well, maybe if I got back to the treadmill and listening to the radio on the mp3, I might know what was going on a little more in the world of music - we'll see :)



Pam said...

This is funny Catherine! And totally something I would do too. :-)

Blessings to my sweet secret sis (from last year)!

Lok said...

LOL!!! I can feel ya!