Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at our house

Here are just a few shots from Christmas day - I decided to just let the camera lie and enjoy watching the children w/my own eyes (not my eyes behind glass...well, more glass than my glasses usually account for, that is) and so we just have a few shots of presents being opened, but that's ok, we have quite a few of the children playing with their gifts afterward and those are precious :)

Here are some highlights -

We have Mr. E, the train boy

Mr. A, the little train boy

Miss E, the Cinderella girl

and Miss A with her new doll

The stockings were leaned by the fireplace gate with care in hopes we'd keep Mr. Baby away from there...ha ha.

and the tree finally all decorated and just before we began to open gifts...

Oh, and just in case you're still hungry after your Christmas Dinner Extravaganza, PLEASE come over and eat all of our leftovers!

There might look like there's a lot of people at this table (minus the one behind the camera), but the 4 children eat like one regular child as far as quantity...well, except for when the pie came out of the oven later on, but we had a LOT of food and still do! Oh, and for those of you who're paying attention, ahem, yes, those are carrots at the end of the table and no, we didn't boot Miss E from the family for suggesting them for Christmas dinner, after all, they are supposed to be good for your eyes, right? ;) (If you don't know what I'm talking about regarding the carrots, then go and read this: Holiday Eating Tips and then come back and say to yourself in proper Larry (VeggieTales) voice and attitude - "it's all so clear now"

hee hee

Our illustrious menu contained the following:

Roast Duckling with onion, carrots, garlic, celery
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potato casserole with pecan crumble topping
Fresh, steamed green beans
Brown gravy
Jellied cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce with whole cranberries
Black olives
and yes, baby carrot sticks and carrot slices
yeast rolls
and wassail for CKB and I from a little shop we stumbled across recently

CKB pronounced dinner a success and Mr. E said "this orange stuff is tasting good"


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