Wednesday, December 26, 2007

American Girl....or not!

Well, Christmas has come and gone now and I can post about this without fear of a little girl or two coming up behind me and seeing it!

The girls, Miss E especially, have become interested in American Girl dolls after Miss E read Samantha awhile back and then later saw an American Girl catalog that came in the mail. Miss E told us she would like the Samantha doll for Christmas. Hmm. We thought about it and thought about it and were decided just about to get it, then rethought it and decided $87 for doll and first book was just toooo much for an almost 7 year old for a doll - especially with Mr. Baby afoot! Along came the Target ad a few weeks ago and solved our problem!

Our Generation dolls made by Battat - 18" just like the American Girl dolls and adorable, additional outfits galore and some fun accessories like horses, bathtub, bed, wardrobe, etc. Hooray! And, drumroll please, the dolls were on sale for $20! Well, guess what we did? :) Yep, a trip to Target was in order - CKB went to toys whilst the rest of us perused the food section and picked up a few things - CKB found a lovely doll which resembled Samantha and we were set!

Oh yes, Miss A also decided she would like a doll - she has always liked playing with dolls so this was no surprise - the doll she wanted was Elizabeth (friend to Felicity, American Girl) - well, there just happend to be an Our Generation doll that resembled her as well - hooray!

Whew! Saved by Target once again :) And both dolls for LESS than ONE American Girl doll - hooray!

Did the girls like the dolls - YES, YES AND DOUBLE YES - that was alllll they wanted to play with yesterday - changing their clothes, acting out "scenes" as Miss E explained, and so on (and the extra clothes sent by Grandma and Grandpa were a big hit!) They even decided to name them after the American Girl dolls they like - Samantha and Elizabeth :)

All this to share w/anyone with a little girl who might be interested in this type of doll soon - YOU HAVE OPTIONS :) Also, there are A LOT of sites out there where people make clothes for 18" dolls - and they're pretty affordable - we're so thrilled the girls like their dolls - whew!

Here're some pics - you decide :) These dolls are so precious :)

Here's the American Girl doll, Samantha

The Our Generation doll we got for Miss E:

American Girl doll, Elizabeth:

Our Generation doll we got for Miss A -

Well, I've gotta run for now - hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Our kids love the our generation dolls too! They are 11 and 12, and now realize themselves that you get alot more bang for the buck with these dolls than with the american girls and actually prefer them. The horses are a big hit, as are all the nice accessories, and because the price is so reasonable, I am not afraid to let them play with them instead of just sitting on the shelf admiring them. It's a win-win situation with these dolls

Meg Munson said...

So glad you found these!!! I tried these dolls with my girls, but the hair is such a mess after only a day of play and I was not able to untangle it. You'll have to let me know how these dolls hold up for you. I did buy my 5 year old the "Just Like You" American Girl doll for Christmas (I know I can't believe I spent that much money on a doll!!!) but she does love it. She has played with it for hours and hours, but she won't be getting more of them any time soon!