Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days! Record Snowfall in One Day! It's been wonderful!

Now I know, some of you live in areas where you get snow every winter and lots of it.

For us, that is NOT the case.

I've told many that I would really like to live in one of those places that gets snow all winter and experience a REAL snow at least once. Some of them nod with understanding, others think I'm crazy. My sister who now lives in OH said I could come and winter w/them because it appears they're enjoying a "real" winter for sure!

For now, I will remain where I am and will enjoy the beauty that God has surrounded us with.

Our day started Thursday with snow falling and I could hardly believe it when the snow FELL ALLLLLL DAY!!! and was STILL FALLING when we went to bed and apparently continued until about 2 or 3 a.m. We measured the snowfall a few times throughout the day on our picnic table and when we went to bed we had about 7" and Friday morning measured close to 8"!!! Amazing!

(our first reading - not quite 3")

The children were out in the snow twice Thursday for about an hour or so each time and again Friday morning - this time for close to 2 hrs. - they were just about FROZEN when they came in...they all took warm showers and got into cozy "snow day" clothes - you know, sweats and sweatshirts, slippers, that sort of thing. Thursday after their first outing, they all got warmed up, dried off and came to the table for hot chocolate and later some dark chocolate brownies - mmmmm. We called an official "snow day" when CKB came home from work early due to the road conditions worsening and potentially worsening more as the day went on. It was a wonderful day! Here are some pictures from the day...notice the amount of snow increase throughout and the fun and joyful expressions on the children's faces as they enjoyed their time in the snow! Miss Baby thought it was cold when I took her out for a moment and let her feel the snow - she touched it, pulled her hand back and tucked it under her stomach and would not reach out again :) Smart girl - that stuff is cold! I added a few comparison shots as well of the backyard and the front.

Thursday a.m. - not even completely covering the grass yet!

Miss Baby checking out the scenery...

Hey Mama...what IS that stuff?

The crew ready to go have some fun!

The fun begins!
Watch out Miss A!

I'll get 'em next time!

Hey, me too!

Wait a it the girls against the boys?

Notice the increase of snow on the table...the children were told to leave the table alone so we'd be able to measure the same place each time...and remarkably they all remembered! :) (in the end, when the snow had stopped falling the next day, we let them play with that snow too :) )

Hmm, maybe I'll try building a fort...

May the biggest snowball win!

Oh, Ma-maaaa.....(no cameras or children were harmed in the taking of this picture)

Yee-haw - this is fun!!!

A view out the front....take note of the amount of snow on the van to compare w/a later pic down below...

birds in and around the tree next door...

who me? walk across the street messing up the pretty snow to take a picture of the front of the house? Nah....oh wait, you see a trail...hmm, I guess you got me...

I feel a bit like I'm in Narnia!

Hmm, more accumulation! (just under 5")

Nightfall Thursday night....check out that table now!

At about 8:30 p.m. we had just over 6"

Friday morning - we were just about at 8" (the official tally was 9" for our area)

Ah yes, the table...isn't it lovely? This is early Friday morning.

A wider shot of the back...

Time for Miss Baby to check out the white stuff....brrrr!

I really like this shot - it looks like Miss Baby and I are in a very deep snowdrift....and me w/o my jacket...hmm.

Hmm, the cars are a bit more covered now and yes, CKB's is home :)

What's that? You see my footprints again....?

That's all folks! The snow is now almost all melted away....I'm finally getting around to posting this and it's Sunday evening. This morning we still had a good bit on the ground. We can't wait 'til the next snowfall! How about you? :)


ReBecca said...

Enjoy the snow! We are SO over it, out public schools have been for two weeks and today schol was canceled. oy!

Lepidoptera said...

If you are missing your snow, come on up. We have plenty here to share. ;-)