Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Year Without Wal-mart - 2009

We're not ones to make "New Year's Resolutions" or anything around here, but the other day CKB said he had an interesting idea that he'd tell me about when he got home from work. I was intrigued, naturally.

At dinner that night, I remembered his phone call and asked what the idea was. He said, "A Year Without Wal-mart." I let that sink in for a moment or two and thought, why not, there are MANY reasons this would be a good idea.

A few:

Every time I go in Wal-mart, I feel like I need to walk through a decontamination booth on my way out - you know what I mean, just touching one of the carts is all it takes - placing a child (or two) in the cart...well, you might as well buy some cough medicine, decongestant and antihistamine before you leave because you'll no doubt need it within a few days.

Rude people. 'Nuff said. (I will say it was especially bad around Christmas - pushing, shoving, etc. and that was still a few weeks ahead of time - ugh!).

So much stuff. Every time I go in there for a few things, I come out with a cartful it seems. It's just a tad too easy to get "one more thing" - hopefully this will help us in thinking ahead more on purchases and hey, maybe we'll just save some money by staying out of there!

In the days following this decision, my mind now and then would start thinking about the different things I have bought at Wal-mart...groceries, shoes, clothes, electronics, craft stuff, fabric, towels, Mr. E's big boy bed, etc. etc. etc. and how would I manage without my "one stop shop" for a year?

I can get all of those things at other places, it will just require more thought out trips and no unnecessary trips since the children are with me all the time. I will probably visit actual grocery stores more often, actual craft stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby), fabric stores (Jo-Ann, Hancock, little quilt shops, etc.), shoe stores (Payless, department stores), actual clothing stores (Kohl's, Bealls, etc.) and well, there's still Target (I'd stopped buying the girls' jeans at Wal-mart a year or two ago anyway because all I could find was low rise/waist versions and the ones at Target were still decent and just the basic style, so no big deal here).

So, we're off on a new adventure. CKB has just a few more days to swap out a shirt Miss A got for him for Christmas that wasn't the right Wal-mart...and then the experiment begins, Jan. 1, 2009. It'll be a challenge in some respects - I'd planned to get Mr. A's big boy bed there to match Mr. E's in a few months when we have to boot him out of the crib for Miss Baby - other than that I can't think of anything that's going to be a big deal, just a little bit less of a convenience maybe. We'll see..... And, for what it's worth, this is not any kind of boycott, just a family experiment.

Anyone else care to join us? ;)


Anonymous said...

NO!!!!! Walmart here in AZ is absolutely wonderful. Despite the problems you have encountered (I've seen it too), it is worse it other stores, the rudeness, the lines, their right to tell their employees they cannot say "Merry Christmas". The germs are everywhere, Walmart here has the sanatizing wipes to wipe down your cart when you enter the store. Have you seen their bathrooms...they were voted at one time to have some of the cleanest.
Walmart even has a better return policy than others. Not to mention their prices are much lower. And if by chance you find an ad that is less than Walmart, they will match don't even need the ad. Just tell them the price. Just tell them and they'll do it. By golly there have been several times I forgotten to price match the milk, and they wink at me when that initiate the price match.

I prefer to shop Walmart and will continue to do so. They meet and exceed my expecatations in today's shopping world. I cannot a world without Walmart, let alone a meer 365 days. Good luck on your adventures.

Rebe Conner

Adventures On Beck's Bounty said...

GREAT IDEA !! We already avoid Walmart if there is an alternative, but living in a small town limits many real-life needs. But we aspire to limit our "walmart-ing" even more in 2009.

If you have Netflix, they have a "walmart" movie that might interest you ... and inspire you to be even stronger in your efforts for this particular lifestyle change.

While mentioning this, did you know that Walmart is Sam's Club ... and vice versa ?

Just thought I would mention it, and applaud your endeavor !!

Grace & Peace,

W. Latane Barton said...

I absolutely hate to shop at Walmart. All for the reasons you stated. I do go about once or twice a year but I don't like it... never have, never will. When ole Mr. Sam Walton died, the store lost it's way. I'm with you, girl.