Friday, January 9, 2009

Crazy Blood Sugar Day

A week ago, the dr. "released" me from one of my blood sugar readings each day since I've been controlling things well with diet. Yay, my fingertips thanked her. Now, I only have a fasting reading first thing in the morning, 2 hrs. after breakfast and then either 2 hrs. after lunch or dinner - I alternate it each day.

Yesterday was a strange day.

Fasting - 83
2 hrs. after breakfast - 83
2 hrs. after lunch - 83

I kid you not. I started thinking maybe the monitor was broken.
CKB came home and when I told him about it, he offered to check his blood sugar and see if he got 83 also :) Gotta love a man who'll stab his finger for your sanity!

Anyway, he did NOT get 83 - more like 73 or something.

I planned to check it 2 hrs. after dinner also just to see if I got 83 again, but got busy w/putting the children to bed and hadn't set the timer like I usually do to notify me it was time to check and missed the time by about 45 mn. so I let it go.

This morning - 86 - I guess the monitor isn't broken, I just had a strange day of keeping things very level yesterday...not a bad thing, just strange....anyone else hear the Twilight Zone theme song.....?


W. Latane Barton said...

What a wonderful hubby you have. Glad you are doing well and I know you are counting the days now.

Other Mother said...

Congratulations on your excellent bs control!! Even if they weren't exactly the same, you're doing so well!

I'm catching up today on some posts I missed, and loved the private piano recital. How sweet it was!