Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feeling crafty...and acting on it!

Lately I've run across some fun crafty blogs with really cute ideas for baby things and naturally these were of interest to me at this particular point in time. :)

I have picked up a few supplies and hope to finish a few projects before Miss Baby arrives, but if I don't, there'll always be someone having a baby somewhere that I can gift a few things to down the road.

Some of the supplies.....

Hmmm.....wondering what these are for?

...and some fat quarters I found at Hobby Lobby recently - I was visiting a different store and it was the first time I'd seen fat quarters at a Hobby Lobby - I think my favorite is the dark magenta/green tulip print on the right.

One finished project - we received some really cute outfits for Miss Baby at the baby shower one of the churches threw for us a few weekends ago. I ran across this cute idea for organizing baby's closet and thought it was worth a try - yes, I got a little carried away (2 years out!), but then sometimes you find a good deal on something that's too big and purchase it early, so now it'll have a place to go :)

I found the idea here:

This "project" was quick and easy - all you need is a set of foam door hangers, number stickers and scissors to cut a slit in the side of the hanger area. Voila! I was able to do this in just a few moments even with all my little helpers gathering around to see what *I* was doing with stickers! ;)

I also made one with each of the girls' names on it to use in their closet to divide their "sides" of the closet up better and keep their dresses better separated. (Mr. E said he needed a blue one w/his name on it....) I still need to cut a slit in the side of the doorknob area so they can be put onto the clothes rod in the closet, but I'll do that soon and then get organized. Granted, a LOT of baby clothes get folded and put into a dresser, but this'll be great for dresses and things bought ahead of time that are still on a hanger.


.caroline armelle. said...

so glad they worked out!
it's really nice to have when you have clothes from 0 to 2 years to organize!

Jessica said...

How cute!! I bookmarked that tutorial for future use. I Love Love Love that pink & purple printed rick cute is that?!?

CAB said...

I know! I'd never looked much at rick rack before and didn't imagine they had adorable prints!

W. Latane Barton said...

That organizer is such a cute idea. I've never been much of a rick rack fan but that is really nice. Looking forward to seeing what you make out of your purchases.

The Royal Family said...

where did you find the cute printed rick rack

CAB said...

I never answered - I found the cute rick rack at Hobby Lobby!