Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Container Store will bring your order to your car!?!

I placed an order today at the Container Store website and lo and behold, there is an option to pickup your order at your local store (if you have one). I wasn't too thrilled about this at first because it'll be a tad of a drive for me and the little ones, but the item I was ordering would've cost a lot for shipping so I decided to take the drive later this week to pick up said item.

After I made my choices, put in my info. and clicked "checkout" I found out when printing my receipt that there's an option for having the order brought out to your car....whaaaaaat???? Where have you been all my life, Container Store? Well, all my life since I had children, that is!

Now, if only I could do ALL my shopping at the Container Store.....I can dream, right?

I'll update later this week to let you know how it all works out...supposedly you call the store 15 mn. before arrival and then when you arrive and they waltz right out with your order - I can't wait! I sure hope it's really that easy!

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Courtney said...

You can do this at sam's club too. Just order online and schedual your pick up time and they bring it right out. I still want to try this one. It sounds neat!