Friday, December 4, 2009

Hex quilt update

Well, I actually remembered to snap a few quick pics of my grandmother's hex quilt while we were at my parents' house for Thanksgiving - yay, me!

Anyway, here it is - 2 pics - I haven't had time to examine it to see if it's a 1 patch (all hex's different) or if there are any repeats. If you feel like doing that for me, by all means go right ahead - I don't know when I'll get a "round toit" ;) (Wait a sec, I just took a quick glance and see at least one repeat, so there are probably more - so now you don't have to do anything - aren't you happy?)


Lepidoptera said...

Here I thought that you were quilting again. I was wondering where you found the time. ;-)

ReBecca said...

Beautiful quilt, do you know how old it is?


CAB said...

Not exactly - I'll have to talk to my Mom to see if we can estimate it based on what she remembers her mother saying about it :) I didn't think to look at the back to see if there might be something there to give us a clue! Never enough time to do everything on these quick family trips!

Robyn said...

It is lovely...thanks so much for popping by the Great hexagon Quilt-along and sharing your link with us.
Your Grandmother has obviously put lots of love and hours into this beautiful quilt.
I think these older types are my favourite haxie quilts.