Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of year musings on a New Year's Eve

Catching up at times seems a daunting endeavor...there are so many things I would like to have blogged about, not only for others who read, but for myself, to remember - the days are passing by so swiftly and the children are growing up so quickly...but that's as it should be.

This year has been a very busy one, as they all seem to be, but especially the ones in which a new family member has been born. Miss Baby is 11 months old now - she has 2 teeth and 2 more about to come in, she's pulling up and "army crawling" all over the place, she's verbalizing and communicating with us in so many ways and has uttered her first "mama" and "dada", however her favorite "word" right now is "ah-ha", she is an absolute delight.

Mr. A is growing so fast! He is full of mischief and as sweet as sugar. With his rosy cheeks he looked like a little elf the past few weeks - he is so smart, learning to read and always trying to keep up with everything his big brother and sisters are doing. He may be an engineer some day as he delights in dismantling things and trying to see how they work. Look out world!

Mr. E has such a sweet heart - he always wants to take care of his baby sister, he's constantly wanting to use "his money" to buy something for someone else at the store, his favorite past time involves a little cartoon named Mario, however a new game, Mousetrap, trumped video games this evening as his "want to do" item for the night. He's bright as a whip and can answer math questions faster than his sisters sometimes!

Miss A has a very giving heart as well - she never pauses for a moment when I ask for her help with something around the house - she is always near when her baby sister starts to fuss and constantly amuses Miss Baby on car trips from her seat directly behind Miss Baby's seat. She tries her best to keep up with her Daddy on Sunday mornings and marks all the scriptures in her Bible until she runs out of bookmarks and then bemoans the fact that she can't mark any more places. She is a precious girl.

Miss E - ah, the eldest. Always there to enforce the "rules" with her siblings (or try to) when I'm not right there in the room. Confidante and best friend to Miss A - they are inseparable at times. Ever reading, she would stay up all night with her nose in a book if we would let her...and sometimes I'm tempted to just let her read as long as her heart desires. Time is short and one day she will have so many responsibilities of her own.... Loving and dear, she is growing up so fast...9 soon....the last single digit age....where does the time go?

CKB and I have had a wonderful year - watching our little ones grow and learn. Trying our best to guide them on their way...looking to God for our help. We've been so blessed. CKB continues to fill 2 regular appointments and we visit on the remaining Sundays. The folks in all of the churches in the area have made us feel so welcome since we moved up here about 3 years ago. Those of you who knows us, know where "up here" is and the churches I'm referring to, no doubt. Again, we are so blessed. We have made some new friends this past year and I've tried my best to keep up w/the friends we already have, but know I've failed in keeping up with everyone as I'd like to - I often "blame" it on a large and busy family, but I do intend to try to do better. Miss Baby is growing and I hope to have a tiny bit more time here and there to do things in her second year of life while watching over her as she heads into toddler-dom. We'll soon begin our second half of the school year - we have much to do before the end of our studies this year, but we're well on our way. I'm not one for making 'resolutions' - what's the point anyway? I do look forward to this coming year with great anticipation - we have exciting news to share soon, we will be celebrating in February a momentous occasion (more on that soon as well) and I'm sure there are many unexpected surprises in store for us as well.

My prayers are with you all, our most loyal readers and those who happen by now and then, for a wonderful new year filled with manifold blessings from on High!

Happy New Year to you!

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