Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fall Piano Recital

We made it to the Fall piano recital this year - yay! The weather wasn't crazy and I wasn't pregnant and concerned about slipping on the ice, therefore we went!

This was Miss A's first recital and Miss E's second. They both played very well and Miss E even sang along to her pieces which surprised us all, including her teacher!

Miss A played: Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Miss E played: We Three Kings, Silent Night and Up on the Housetop

I wish I could share a recording with you, but for now that isn't possible. We hope to get a copy of the one that their teacher's husband made, but it may be a while before he's able to get copies made and out to everyone.

Here are some of the children enjoying refreshments after the recital...I think Mr. A is playing the trumpet....?

Miss E and Miss A were thrilled that Grandma and Grandpa came in early for Christmas just to be able to be here in time for their recital.


Anne said...

I LOVE Miss A's dress! Glad to hear the recital's went well and you were able to make it this year. We pray you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

CAB said...

Thanks, me too! My mom gets the credit for the girls' dresses - she found those at a sale in her neck of the woods over the summer and brought them to us when they came here last week!