Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arboretum Visit

We took advantage of one of the last days of our Summer break and visited the Arboretum the week before starting our school year - here are a few highlights:

This bridge is special - one of our wedding photos was taken up you see Mr. E shooting an imaginary bow and arrow under the bridge into the water in order to get one of the big fish swimming there...

Miss Baby enjoyed the leisurely stroll....

Miss Baby: "you want me to smile? ok, here ya go!" 

Mr. A - always thinking of something!

Mr. E - always has a smile for the camera, as long as Mama is taking the pictures, that is ;)

Miss A - ready to go exploring!

Miss E - getting so big and looking so much older these days...she really enjoyed seeing all the flowers and trees that day.

Here, we happened upon a painter - I didn't take a picture of her work naturally, but let me tell you, it was purty good! As you see, to her right, Miss A sat down to capture the scene in her notebook :)

By the water wall.....Mr. A looks a little grumpy here...hmmm.

Ah, the fountain - our first picture after the wedding was taken by this how time flies!  I think this was before Mr. E found out that it is not a fountain you can get into!  :)

Miss A taking notes and drawing the flowers - our own Naturalist :)

This canopy of crepe myrtles is so beautiful....I feel a Wizard of Oz sort of whimsy all of a sudden here....if I didn't think Miss Baby would run off, I might've gotten her out of the stroller for this shot....maybe in a year or so....

That's it - not many pics of the flora this time. I enjoyed the opportunity to take some pictures of the children instead on this trip.


Lepidoptera said...

Great pictures! Miss E is growing again. I am so glad that you were able to visit the Arboretum. Good memories - both old and new.

Pam said...

Beautiful! Both nature and children. :-)

W. Latane Barton said...

What an enchanting day!! Children, flowers, water fountains ... great trip.