Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make a Pie Already, Mama!

Well, I intended to make an apple pie for the first day of Fall, but didn't.

Today, however, I found myself wanting to make that apple pie, so I did. I whipped it up complete w/homemade crust (and store bought innards - hey, I'm a busy lady!).

(disclaimer - that is NOT the pie *I* made - I was too lazy to take a pic of my pie and this one looks better anyway)

I pulled it out of the oven, put it on the cooling rack and went about getting dinner into the oven. Along about this time, I hear the stampede of little feet coming down the stairs and Mr. E appears in the kitchen exclaiming:

"What is THAT?!"

I calmly reply...or begin to when he exclaims... " A pie! Where'd that come from?"

Again, calm as a cucumber, I tell him that I made the pie.

Mr. E looks at me with disbelief and utters one...little....word:  "You?"  then charges out of the kitchen to see what is going on with his sister in the den where she is plugged into the Wii.

I stood there for a few moments and thought to myself.....I need to make more pies!

:)  What has your child been astounded that you've done lately? What kind of pies are you in the mood to make now that it's starting to really feel like Fall?


RebeccaT said...

With pumpkins in my freezer and pumpkins on my countertop waiting to be baked, I am thinking pumpkin pie, bread, soup for this fall.

ReBecca said...

So Funny! My family would faint if I starting baking again.