Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mr. E - Cub Scout Extraordinaire :)

Today Mr. E's Cub Scout Pack held their Popcorn Sales Kickoff and Raingutter Regatta. I'll post about the Regatta soon (need to go through all the pics I took!), but wanted to send y'all a message from Mr. E right away because he is super excited about his popcorn sales!

At the meeting, he set his personal goal at $700 - he wants to sell at least that amount to help out his pack and to help fund camping among other activities for the boys this year.

This year ONLINE ordering is available - I believe this is pretty new to Scouts and I think it's wonderful! You can order from the comfort of your computer chair, and the popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, etc. are delivered straight to your mailbox/doorstep!   (yes, they have more than just popcorn!!)

Just click here:

If you don't care for popcorn, don't like chocolate covered pretzels, cheese popcorn, are diabetic, are on a diet (there is a low fat option!), etc. please consider making a donation that will send popcorn to the military men and women serving our country - what an awesome way to show your support!

Mr. E went out tonight and started selling right away - I am so proud of his initiative! He and his Daddy had a nice walk, and he's on his way toward his goal....consider helping him if you'd like to! He will most certainly appreciate it!

Here he is again...he came to see me first ;)  Isn't he the sweetest?

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