Friday, October 26, 2007

Highchair Hostage and other H's

Yesterday, I needed to get some cooking/baking done for the meeting at Fellowship PBC (Madisonville, TX) this weekend and as you may know, we have a 1.5 year old. Well, he cannot be trusted on his own pretty much anywhere in the house, except maybe in his crib...even there I'm starting to wonder if he'll be the one that tries to climb out - sigh - anyway, so I set said baby in his highchair to witness my culinary technique. He was not impressed. Every little thing I gave him to entertain him was tossed to the floor w/glee in a matter of moments. I found a short respite by giving him some plastic animal toys I found at the $1 section at Target recently and managed to finish up a few things. guessed by one they met their doom, tossed to the floor by the Highchair Hostage! Much more squawking ensued afterward which was answered by a trip to his bedroom for a much needed nap!

Do you have a highchair hostage? Baby jail? A tot you can't trust alone for more than a nanosecond w/o worrying what on earth he/she is getting into in the ill-fated silence you hear (or don't hear...)? These times will pass, to be sure, but for now, my highchair hostage will have to understand that on occasion mama actually has to get a few things done and not worry what disaster he might be creating in the next room :)

Ah yes, and the other H's....yesterday on the way home we spotted Halloween lights - ha ha - and Halloween trees. Some people decorate for everything! We later talked about maybe actually putting Christmas lights up this year to which I replied that I'd rather put them up inside the house so we could enjoy them ;) We'll see....


Lok said...

I *love* the $1 section at Target. It has this magnetic pull on me - can't shop at Tar-jay without perusing the aisles of future church toys and time occupiers. Woohoo!

RebeccaT said...

Highchair hostage. I like that terminology. Adding it to my vocab right now and looking forward to seeing the highchair hostage in action very soon. ;-)