Friday, October 12, 2007

Turner Falls

First of all, a big thanks to my brother-in-law for telling us about Turner Falls. While we haven't been able to visit there with them yet, we have been able to take a few trips up there on our own and really have enjoyed it. There is an old "castle" that was built many years ago, that, per the Irishman we met there, the only thing that resembles a real castle is the very top edge and that's coming from someone who "lives where there actually are castles" says he. You never know who you'll meet and where!

Anyway, it's a nice little place - I think that much MUCH could be done at the park to improve it, but the falls themselves are just lovely to go and listen to and look at; not to mention wondering through the woods looking for the caves that are also part of the park. This is not a state park, but is operated by the city of Davis, OK.

I'll share some pictures and let them do most of the talking here....

First, when walking toward the falls, you pass by an old "castle" - here 'tis the sign:

Here's a lovely shot of me and 3 of the children (probably the only pic I'm in from the day - not a great hair day!)

Waiting on the other side of the walkway for CKB and Mr. E to come back down from the castle:

The girls lounging by the gate - any Jane Austen fans....can you discern the name to the left? I'll tell you later on what it said - I found it a nice "find" :)

CKB and Mr. E descending the stairs...

Miss E and Miss A waiting for their turn to go up to the castle...

Ah, the castle....

Next, we proceed on toward the falls....but first we have to peer into a hole in the rock and you'll just love what CKB found there....and yes, I went up to have a look and take these pics! Eeek! It was a Daddy Longleg Convention!

The interesting looking hole...

Ah, and what lies in wait?

What's that? You can't really see them? Well, well, we can't have that! Look here:


Ok, on to the falls.....again....

and a view from the side near the "long leg hole"

Beyond the falls, there was a path leading to "Crystal Cave" - while we never found the cave (probably was up high and we didn't dare climb w/the children), we enjoyed the walk in the woods.

Well, that's about it! This day was the end of our study of creation and now we move on through Genesis!

If you're ever up near Davis, OK, stop and take a walk to see the falls - we think you'd enjoy it!

Ok, Jane Austen fans, did you click on the picture to enlarge it and see what all the fuss was about? It says Wickham! Ha ha :) Bye for now!

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