Friday, April 18, 2008

Head Wound Anyone?

Now before you start fretting about which of the children has a head wound, I will tell you - none of them. What, you say? What is this blog post about? Well, it's about me, and about not hurrying so much. Seems every time the children get hurt it's because someone is running and not paying attention and collides with someone else or something else. Well, last night it was my turn. I was in a hurry to get something out of the back of the van. Yes, you guessed it - my head and the rear van door had an unfortunate meeting. Now, if you have a Dodge Caravan you're not likely to have this happen to you - we have one and the rear door is light as a feather compared to the Saturn van - which is the one we drive the most. So, yes, we were in the Saturn. I pretty much have to throw my whole body weight into it to pull down the rear door and I did, except this time I was carrying something in my left hand and I guess I didn't lean back far enough - BOOM! Boy, did that hurt! I started to go back up to the front and get in and realized the door still wasn't shut - it was a bit surreal that I'd just smashed my head w/the rear door - I went back and shut the door w/o incident this time and then touched my forehead and looked at my hand - blood - eek - got in and interrupted CKB who was ordering (we were at Sonic getting dinner after running errands). He heard "blood" and "hit my head", looked at my bloody hand and told the order-taker that we needed a cup of ice right away and to forget the order for now. Thankfully we had some ziploc bags in the car - dumped the ice in and put it on my quickly swelling "goose egg" - yes, I think it was about that size - I didn't look until much later when a lot of the swelling had gone down. As it turned out the "cut" wasn't that big, just seemed that way at first with the notorious head wound gushing routine - by bedtime a great deal of the swelling had gone down and it didn't feel too terrible.

This morning wasn't too bad either - just a bit tender. I'm so thankful that this didn't happen when I was alone w/the children and that CKB was there to keep me calm and would've been able to take me to the hospital if it had been worse.

Lesson Re-learned (the hard way) - SLOW DOWN AND DON'T HURRY SO MUCH!!!!!!

On the upside (before all this), I got the pattern size I need and some more fabric and if my head isn't bothering me too much later I might start on the skirt...

And no, no pictures on this post! (so glad for bangs to cover my quickly bruising forehead/hairline!)


Matthew said...

OUCH! Thankful that you are ok but am disappointed that there won't be any pictures :-)

Love ya'll
Uncle Toadfrog

Lok said...

Poor baby!!! I'm so sorry - extra chocolate for you tonight. You've earned it.

CAB said...

Well, so far there hasn't been much, if any?, bruising - amazing - CKB thought half my forehead would be black and blue based on the size of the swelling the other day...we'll see!

LOK - I had a Mocha Java Chiller from Sonic to "ease my pain" - ha ha ha - they're pretty good!

Matthew said...

ah the genes from our side must have been what helped with that swelling - we are a stubborn bunch!!!