Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Fantastic Brownie Recipe! Peanut Swirl Brownies - Ina Garten

Alright, I believe I've mentioned a show I watch now and then called Barefoot Contessa with host, Ina Garten.

Well, she has outdone herself with a recently aired recipe for Peanut Swirl Brownies - I HIGHLY recommend you whip up a batch and soon! They are WONDERFUL - yummy - super fantastically good to the last crumb!

I made a batch last week and the only reason I still had some left to take to church Sunday was pure willpower and fear of gaining 10 lbs. (or more!). These are FANTASTIC!

The recipe can be found,,FOOD_9936_37343,00.html

I made a few minor changes -

The recipe calls for 1 pound plus 12 oz. semisweet choc. chips (you melt part into the batter and save some for putting into the batter unmelted after coating them in flour to help them not stick to one another). The part you set aside, I halved that amount and did half semisweet choc. and half peanut butter chips - since you're going to be swirling peanut butter on top of the brownies once you pour the batter into the pan, I thought it might be nice to carry the pb taste throughout the brownie and it definitely was!

Oh, and I didn't have "kosher salt" - does anyone? Anyway, I just used regular ol' table salt and everything turned out just fine.

That's it!

One tip - set out your unsalted butter to let it come to room temp. before you even think about starting the recipe - I took mine straight out of the fridge and it took FOREVER to melt whilst the room temp. chocolate and choc. chips melted pretty quickly.

Ok, I want to hear how it goes! And don't let the "fattening" potential worry you - just cut them small and enjoy! Then, take the rest to church on Sunday or share w/friends/family/neighbors, etc. You *can* eat just one, if you really want to! (With a glass of milk or coffee, they are fabulous also!)


Lok said...

yeah. Like my waistline needs another good chocolate brownie recipe. Thanks a LOT. Sheesh. (hee heee heeee!)

Mmmmmm - homemade brownies. YUMMO!

Lepidoptera said...

Brownies? Yum, yum! I was disappointed that there was no picture. Guess you ate them to fast for that, huh? Thankfully the Food Network did not disappoint though looking at brownies is not the same as eating (or smelling) them.

Cheri said...

I just love Giada de Laurentis in Everyday Italian on the Food Network. Have you ever seen her show?

Love your family blog, too!

cheri thomas